Two hours in Lausanne, Switzerland


On my recent trip to France, we rented a car due to the French rail strike so we could still get from city to city. When mapping out our journey, we discovered that the fastest way to get from Annecy to Strasbourg would be to drive straight through Switzerland. Seeing as though I had never been to Switzerland, this was exciting news for me. I would get the chance to take a peek at another country. Hooray!


My original plan was to stop several times in Switzerland and try to spend some good time in the country. Unfortunately, a combination of a rather lengthy goodbye with our friends in Annecy and the looming deadline of meeting our Strasbourg Airbnb host before it got too late in the day meant we didn’t have as much time as we had originally hoped. Still, we wanted to stop somewhere and at least get a little taste of Switzerland.

We decided on Lausanne, which was right along our route and also located in a stunning location on the edge of Lake Geneva. I had picked up a few Swiss Francs before the trip since I knew I would be stopping in Switzerland, so we had plenty of cash to pay for parking, drinks at a beautiful, sunny outdoor terrace by the lake, and ice cream of course.

The town itself was beautiful, featuring gorgeous architecture. There were brightly colored flowers everywhere and the views of the Alps reflected on the lake were, quite simply, stunning.


I wish I had been able to spend more time truly exploring and getting to know this beautiful gem in the Swiss Alps region, but even though I was only able to spend a little bit of time here, I was enchanted by this place.

The other thing about driving through Switzerland was that the views, even from the road as we passed through the country, were incredible. There were green hills with idyllic scenes of cattle and beautiful cottages everywhere you looked. Switzerland is truly a stunning country.

My time here may have been short and spent mostly in the car, but it left me wanting more. Switzerland surely hasn’t seen the last of me.

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